Medicaid For Seniors

When it comes to seniors or adults over the age of 65, Medicaid offers assistance to those individuals who cannot cover their healthcare costs with Medicare alone. More than 8.3 million people are currently enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid, most are dually enrolled due to a low income and are eligible if they currently receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The other segment of Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries receive aid due to disabilities. With around 4.3 million seniors receiving Medicaid due to low income and around 3.7 million people enrolled due to disabilities, around 17 percent of all Medicaid enrollees are seniors. Those who are enrolled with both Medicare and Medicaid are often referred to as being a part of a MSP or Medicare Savings Program.

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Benefits for seniors are broken into four major parts that span from just covering hospitalization to assistance with prescription drugs. Other parts also included physician visits, lab work, outpatient visits, medical equipment, and even full on coverage plans such as HMO or PPOs. Medicaid often covers the left over premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance payment that Medicare does not fully cover. States still have the option to limit Medicaid payments as Medicare is required by the Social Security Act to provide all payments first allowing the state Medicaid program to determine whether they will cover the rest as outlined in their State Medicaid plan.


Eligibility is determined by income and costs of care. If you are 100 percent and below the Federal Poverty Line, you are eligible for full coverage for free, not including prescription drugs as well as any state programs which my extend the benefits even further. If you are between 100 percent and 135 percent of the federal poverty line you are eligible for Medicaid to cover physician services, lab services, medical equipment, and other services premiums. Those seniors at 200 percent of the federal poverty line and below are eligible for all hospitalization costs to be covered.


Any senior looking to apply for Medicaid who is already covered by Medicare can visit for more information on how to apply.


  • How Do I Apply For Medicaid?

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